We are very sure that after reading this you are going to be ready for your next trip! We DECIDED to help you with the well-known problem of all women when it’s time for the coveted trip we have been waiting for so long Suddenly the big panic in our head begins! ”what should I take with me?” maybe I’ll need this; and that ‘Oo’and maybe this one Also”


with a few new additions to your wardrobe and a quick smart packing, you are going to be ready in no time! the first thing you should think about is the cobblestone streets of Italy your feet are going to be in a big pain you need to take with you a pair of trainers that suιts with the trendy style of Italy and all of your outfits, also a pair o flatform are calling you to be the number one fashion girl in Italy, you are going to wear them with dresses/jeans and everything else you might think. The perfect shoe for wandering in Italy all – day!

The thing that you definitely want to take with you when you’re traveling is a scarf. A scarf is a necessity for Guys and gals! A scarf can make any outfit that doesn’t look so good at that time and make it from drab to fab! Italians wear scarves all the seasons of the year so if you are traveling in summer take a light summer scarf with you. (A small piece of advice; be sure your scarf is big enough to cover your back and solders for your visits to any cathedrals SUCH US…DUOMMO, SANTA MARIA DEL FLORENCE……..

Whatever Neutral

Think Neutral is not an Italy-specific trend, but packing neutral colors or sticking to one color will help you mix and match your clothes easier and have more outfit options during your stay there, with fewer Pieces in your suitcase! Don’t even think to take shorts with you! Leave them at home it’s a big No for Italy!

Sundresses and flowy skirts are a good choice for the shine days in Italy easy and colorful, for sure the best outfit if you want to take the best Instagram photos ( Don’t forget you are in a country where beauty & fashion is appreciated and valued)! A light sweater is a Must have with you to make sure you stay warm while you’re wandering the streets or during dinner at the courtyard of a nice restaurant such us http://4 LEONI (Don’t forget to drink the best vino of the restaurant FRESCOBALDI)!

Sandals with good support will keep good company to your shinny dresses while maybe drinking a coffee at Piazza del Duomo! Don’t forget to take with you the One easy neckless that suits all the outfits, something plain and hanging only one piece at the end.

Last but not least your favorite jean pants and jacket as you can imagine where ever you go you’ll take them with you, Denim will always be the Must have on all of your trips!

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