About Us

“Eat pizza for breakfast, dye your hair whatever color you want, book the flight you so longed for, do not count calories, buy the dress you can not get out of your mind, kiss a stranger, support yourself, hug your unkempt hair, live the moment, create your own happiness, support the “gang” of girls, buy yourself flowers, eat your vegetables, create something, order dessert, call your mom, wake up early, shout , dance until 4 in the morning, believe in magic, do more, visit your grandparents, wear lipstick, do not let the boys hurt you, smile at strangers, be spontaneous, say I love you! ”

Our History

Appreciation Is A Wonderful Thing

It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.



Satisfied Cocones worldwide

Est. 2020

Our Story

Our philosophy is revolutionary!
We exist only for the progressive woman, who is constantly evolving and growing, trying to be better every day and being encouraged by her flaws.

With our motto “do not be the perfect woman”
we invite you to take part in our party and become one of us!

Cocones Project was born in Athens in such a small space in the city center
but full of huge smiles and big hearts that fit you all!

For Cocones who know what they want and how to get it, for Cocones who have the confidence to be themselves!


Key People

Meet the key people behind Cocones Project.

When was the last time someone was so over joyed to see you, so brimming with love that they literally ran to greet you?


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PR Communication Manager